Coming Soon

Our LogoWe are very excited to announce that Nona Pediatric Center is coming to South-East Orlando. Please follow along to learn more about our practice, services offered and our doctor .


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. It is ludicrous to know that medicaid will only pay $37 for a ear wax removal & yes you have to pay bills as well. Why not refer the patient to an ear specialist…

    • Shana thanks for your comment. I agree it is ludicrous.I do want to provide simple services like that to my patients without the added inconvenience of finding a specialist who takes Medicaid and will not see them for a few months for something I can easily do in my office. However these are the kind of games one must play with the insurance company in order to get adequate reimbursement. A lot of doctors ask patients to come back if they have multiple issues, part of it because of time limitations and also insurance reimbursement or lack of it. How can this issue be resolved?

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